Monday, August 22, 2011

Added Positions to GWM Model Portfolios

It is starting to look like the market is leaning towards and pricing in a stagflation scenario. I say this because one of the best performing fixed income sectors is inflation protected bonds. Additionally, the agricultural sector is holding very well in the current market sell off. I am expecting most other comodities to sell off, but ag is working, in particular sugar, wheat and corn. I took a position in a sugar ETF (SGG) today.

I took a new position in the silver ETF (SLV); it is breaking out again.

Finally, I added a couple financial sector short positions today. Under normal conditions the financial sector represents about 12% of the S&P 500. They now have a weighting of over 13%. They represented 8% during the 2008 bear market. They are so out of favor I think they have more room to fall.

I bought SEF, a 1X inverse financial ETF in the Long/Short 1X Folio and SKF, a 2X inverse financial ETF for the Long/Short 2X folio. The Director Model Folio is the only model that allows 2X investments.

Short 1X
Short 2X

I generally do not blog about all purchases and sales, but I think it is helpful to show GWM investors how we are repositioning the GWM Models Portfolios in the tough market conditions we now find ourselves in.

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