Friday, November 20, 2015

Stocks held in the GWM Core Equities Folio

Stephen L Gerritz, CFP
Folio IRA clients have accounts with an allocation in the Core Equities folio.

I would like to point out that Google is now called Alphabet.

These are the stocks held in the GWM Core Equities Folio. You can see that the holding are well diversified among various industries.

Symbol   Company     Industry
GOOG Alphabet Inc Cl C Cap Stock Google is now Alphabet
GE General Electric Co Misc. Capital Goods
AMZN Inc Retail (Catalog & Mail Order)
FB Facebook Inc Computer Services
MAS Masco Corp Constr. - Supplies & Fixtures
NOC Northrop Grumman Communications Equipment
DAL Delta Airlines Inc Airline
MSFT Microsoft Corp Software & Programming
BAC Bank of America Corporation Regional Banks
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co Money Center Banks
KR Kroger Co Retail (Grocery)

If you would like further info on any of these stocks click the link below and input the stock symbol. There is a ton of info here.

Hoping for the rally to continue into year-end

Stephen L Gerritz, CFP
I had mentioned in previous blog posts and newsletters that the 2011 correction and subsequent market recovery might serve a guide to what we might expect the market to do after our most recent market correction. Below I have S&P 500 charts from both 2011 market correction (highlighted by a green box) and our current (2014-2015) market snapshot. You should notice how similar the patterns are. I think it is likely that a repeat of the 2011 scenario will continue to play out. If that is the case, the market should continue it's march higher into December.

S&P 500

2011 Correction & Recovery (green box)

S&P 500

2014-2015 Correction & Recovery (green box)

I have continued to increase our market exposure as the market has rallied. 

Recent Terror Attacks

While all terror attacks are abhorrent, history has shown that terror attacks that do not carry significant economic consequences do not have much effects on the markets. I continued to  increase our equity holdings as the French troubles played out. I have been proven right to do so.

Monday, November 2, 2015

RMD Written Request forms Mailed Out

Stephen L Gerritz, CFP
I have mailed out written RMD request forms for Shareholder Services Group IRA accounts as well as Folio RMD forms that require written signatures. Watch your mail later this week.

I will send out Guggenheim RMD form later in the week as well.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Folio Bank Link Authorization - Simple Process Explained

Stephen L Gerritz, CFP
When you log into your Folio Client  account page you will see the following screen with one item for your attention.

Please verify that all info is correct. If it is correct, click on the dot by the [I Agree] button. Then click submit.

I strongly encourage all Folio clients to do this now.  This is required by Folio to continue electronic funds deposits to your bank account when you request money.


(Click on the image below for easier viewing.)

Folio Bank Link Approval

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Additional Folio Bank Link Clarification

All existing regular monthly Folio deposits to your checking account will continue just as they have in the past, no interupsions.

We will have to follow-up with re-authorization of Bank Links within a reasonable amount of time however.  The Folio Bank Link Authorization section of your Folio Client website should be available tomorrow.

I might add that this re-authorization is a one time task. Just as in the past you will call me to request money and it is deposited in your account a couple days later.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Folio Bank Link Clarification

Stephen L Gerritz, CFP
Folio Bank Link Clarification -

Folio now tells me that the Folio site online Bank Link authorization will not be available until some time on Wednesday.  I will make a new post when it is available.

I will guide you through the process.

Because of all this RMDs will be delayed just a bit.


Important Notice : Folio has changed their Bank Link Policy.

Stephen L Gerritz, CFP

Folio has changed their Bank Link Policy. Folio posted the following recently:

"New Bank Link Verification Policies Take Effect October 24, 2015.  The security of our customer accounts is very important. To help safeguard accounts, we are making changes, effective Saturday, October 24, 2015.

All bank links now require owner approval.  Existing bank links without a scheduled transfer will be deactivated until owner approval is received. To provide owner approval, you may submit an EFT Authorization Form signed by your client, or your client can log into and authorize the bank link. 

All new bank links must be approved by account owners before they can be used for money transfers.

In addition, new EFT bank links will now require micro-deposit validation, in which two small test deposits will be made to the linked bank account, and then withdrawn. Either you or your client must then enter those amounts on the Folio site before you will be able to use the bank link to transfer money.

Note: Existing bank links with scheduled withdrawals will remain active but must be authorized by the client as soon as possible."

We must comply with this notice before we request 2015 RMDs. 
You can log into and authorize the bank link on the Folio site. This is the easiest way to handle this.

If you prefer, I will email forms that will require signatures of those listed on your bank checking account. When you receive the forms please print them out and sign them. You will also have to attach a voided check from your bank.

If you have that ability to scan the signed forms and voided check go ahead and email them to me. My email address is If not, you will have to regular mail them to me at 2401 Meadow Creek Drive  Medford, OR 97504.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Market Approaching a Re-Test of August 24th Lows

The market is approaching a Re-Test of it's August 24th Lows. Historically, when the market has a sudden drop of 10%, such as the one we experienced in late august, the market will bounce initially and then retest that low.  We got down to 1866 on the S&P 500 Index on  August 24th and 25th.

If market finds support at that level the worst could be over. However, if the market slices through 1866 level we should expect a further decline, perhaps to the October 15, 2014 low. (see chart below)

Notice that we did not get the same V shaped recovery that we saw last October. There are a lot of reasons for this.  I will cover this at length in the forthcoming third quarter issue of the Gerritz Letter. 

All Folio accounts, as of now, are mostly in cash. 

I think  the market volatility will persist into the middle of October. September is historically the worst month of the year. The market usually finds a bottom in October. I then expect that we could see a nice rally into the end of the year.

Quantitative easing programs were ended in October of last year and Corporate earning peaked last September making this correction long overdue. The market finally had to adjust to  these for-mentioned realities.

While the economic fundamentals have deteriorated internationally, US fundamentals remain strong.  I see no recession looming, which leads me to believe we are experiencing  a correction in an on-going bull market and not beginning a bear market.

So for now if the market were to decline further do not be would only enhance our opportunity to reinvest at a more reasonable level.

(Click on Chart for Easier Viewing)

S&P 500 Index

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The market gets a big bounce

Stephen L Gerritz, CFP

The market staged a dazzling two day rally that now leaves the S&P 500 positive for the week. See the chart below.

Click on the chart for easier viewing.

2015 Market Analysis Video Link repaired - Try it again

2015 Market Analysis Video Link repaired - Try it again

Click the link below.

Turn up the volume.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Market Sell-Off Assessment

Stephen L Gerritz, CFP

I put together a brief video discussing the market sell-off.  I recorded the presentation just using my laptop mic and Powerpoint slides.

Turn up the volume and please forgive the sound quality.

Click the link below to view my You Tube presentation.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Market in Correction - I will be back in my office on Monday

Market in Correction

The Market went into correction mode on Friday.

I reduced our market exposure Friday morning.

The market has been in a tight 5% trading channel for most of the year. The market rarely stays in such a tight range for so long. It finally broke out of the trading range to the downside, prompting me to take action.

S&P 500 Index

I will post a news letter next week with further analysis.

I am currewntly at Tenmile Lake finishing up a family reunion. I will be back in my office on Monday. I will check my phone messages at that time.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

All 2014 Tax Docs have been mailed to you or your tax preparer - You should have them by early next week at the latest.

All 2014 Tax Docs have been mailed to you or your tax preparer.

You should have them by early next week at the latest.

I am traveling in my motorhome in California and Arizona. My motorhome has a complete working office, complete with internet, printers, etc..

This is a working vacation.  I am best reached by email at

My cell phone number is 541-601-1241. I will check my land-line in Medford for messages every few days.

Don't hesitate to call or email me anytime.


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I am regular mailing Cost Basis (loss/gain) Reports to select Shareholder Services Group clients - If you got it last year, you will get mailed to you this year.

I am regular mailing Cost Basis (loss/gain) Reports to select Shareholder Services Group clients - If
you got it last year, you will get mailed to you this year.

All 2014 Tax Docs have been placed in your Dropbox.

All 2014 Tax Docs have been placed in your Dropbox.

* A reminder - Never delete or move the dropbox folder I give you access to. If you do, dropbox will not work properly and you will not receive the Tax Docs I send every year.

Drop box if free for up to 2 Gig of data. It is encrypted; a very safe method of sending and storing sensitive data.

If you receive an invitation from me to view files on dropbox accept my offer and follow the instuction to install dropbox.

Le's Income Tax clients - All 2014 Tax Docs have been delivered to Virginia

Attn: Le's Income Tax clients - All 2014 Tax Docs have been delivered to Virginia.

Friday, February 20, 2015

You should have already received your Guggenheim 1099r's

You should have already received your Guggenheim 1099r's.

A copy has already been sent to your tax-preparer.

All relavant 1099's from Shareholder Services Group should be mailed out no later that Feb 28th

All relevant 1099's from Shareholder Services Group should be mailed out no later that Feb 28th.

I will mail the 1099's to your tax-preparer as well via Dropbox, email or regular mail.

I will mail out cost basis reports next week.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

2014 Consolidated Forms 1099, 8949, and .txf from Folio will be available no later than Feb 28th

2014 Consolidated Forms 1099, 8949, and .txf and .csv file downloads from Folio will be posted
online no later than February 28, 2015.

I will deliver them to you and your tax-preparer via Dropbox, encrypted email or regular mail shortly thereafter.