Thursday, February 28, 2019

2018 Folio 1099s and Form 8949 will be mailed out today 02/28/2019

2018 Folio 1099s and Form 8949 will be mailed on 02/28/2019.

If your tax preparer is Steve Constans, I will be mailing your forms directly to him.

Stephen L Gerritz, CFP

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

2018 Folio Institutional 1099Rs mailed out today

Your 2018 Folio Institutional 1099Rs were mailed out today.

For those clients that have both a Folio 1099r (IRAs) and a Folio taxable account, all 1099s will be mailed out in the second half of February.


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Market Volatility

Volatility has clearly taken the markets up and down in a big way the last couple days.  Big ups and downs may continue another week or two. Many times long stretches of low volatility, like we had last year,  are followed with periods heightened volatility. The quickness of the moves is quite something to watch.

The world economy is doing very well and profits are at an all time high. Due to this fact I think the market will recover and make new highs this year. 

Our managed accounts have 20 to 30 % cash at the moment, so we have a cushion and available funds to invest as the market begins to behave normally.


Friday, October 27, 2017

Good Day for large gains in some of our holdings

The world economy has been growing in strength. Company earning have been good. Here is how some of the GWM portfolio holdings really shined today.

The Core Equities Folio

High Tech up sharply.
Microsoft was up 6.49% today
Alphabet (Google) was up 4.4%
Apple was up 3.57%

The Sector Rotation Folio

The S&P Select Tech Spdr ETF XLK)

XLK was up 2.68%

The Equity Growth Folio

The High Tech Sector ETF (TQQQ)

TQQQ was up 8.76%