Friday, June 24, 2016

GWM Accounts Hold Up Well during the Brexit News Selloff.

We weathered the market turmoil well today. Below are screen shots of our Folio positions and how they performed on a day when the Dow Jones Industrial average was down 600 point. Many, if not most, of our positions made money today.

The UK Brexit vote took the markets by surprise.  I had been re-positioning accounts, taking a more defensive posture, the last few weeks as the storm clouds gathered. It paid off today.

(Click on Chart for Easier Viewing)

Core Equity Folio

Small positions in Bristol Meyers (BMY) and Scripps Co (SSP) were sold at a loss.

Sector Rotation Folio

Power Share DB Ag Fund (DBA) was sold. DBA declined roughly 2% on the day.

Major Markets Folio

DBA was also sold in this folio.

Shareholders Services account were 100% in cash going into today's market.

Rydex Accounts did pretty well too due to our positions in the Precious Metals fund (RYPMX) and the Rydex US Government BOnd Fund (RYGBX). I sold the Rydex Series Commodities Fund (RYMBX). RYMBX declined by 3,07% today.

Special Note:

Catalyst Hedged Futures Strategy Fund   (HFXAX)

HFXAX , one of our holdings is relatively non-correlated to the stock market. IT provides some useful diversification in turbulent times.  It is up 4.97% YTD.

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