Friday, November 20, 2015

Stocks held in the GWM Core Equities Folio

Stephen L Gerritz, CFP
Folio IRA clients have accounts with an allocation in the Core Equities folio.

I would like to point out that Google is now called Alphabet.

These are the stocks held in the GWM Core Equities Folio. You can see that the holding are well diversified among various industries.

Symbol   Company     Industry
GOOG Alphabet Inc Cl C Cap Stock Google is now Alphabet
GE General Electric Co Misc. Capital Goods
AMZN Inc Retail (Catalog & Mail Order)
FB Facebook Inc Computer Services
MAS Masco Corp Constr. - Supplies & Fixtures
NOC Northrop Grumman Communications Equipment
DAL Delta Airlines Inc Airline
MSFT Microsoft Corp Software & Programming
BAC Bank of America Corporation Regional Banks
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co Money Center Banks
KR Kroger Co Retail (Grocery)

If you would like further info on any of these stocks click the link below and input the stock symbol. There is a ton of info here.

Hoping for the rally to continue into year-end

Stephen L Gerritz, CFP
I had mentioned in previous blog posts and newsletters that the 2011 correction and subsequent market recovery might serve a guide to what we might expect the market to do after our most recent market correction. Below I have S&P 500 charts from both 2011 market correction (highlighted by a green box) and our current (2014-2015) market snapshot. You should notice how similar the patterns are. I think it is likely that a repeat of the 2011 scenario will continue to play out. If that is the case, the market should continue it's march higher into December.

S&P 500

2011 Correction & Recovery (green box)

S&P 500

2014-2015 Correction & Recovery (green box)

I have continued to increase our market exposure as the market has rallied. 

Recent Terror Attacks

While all terror attacks are abhorrent, history has shown that terror attacks that do not carry significant economic consequences do not have much effects on the markets. I continued to  increase our equity holdings as the French troubles played out. I have been proven right to do so.

Monday, November 2, 2015

RMD Written Request forms Mailed Out

Stephen L Gerritz, CFP
I have mailed out written RMD request forms for Shareholder Services Group IRA accounts as well as Folio RMD forms that require written signatures. Watch your mail later this week.

I will send out Guggenheim RMD form later in the week as well.