Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanks Giving

Happy Thanks Giving
From Gerritz Wealth Management

Steve, Sandy, John, and Chris

Monday, November 22, 2010

Steve Requests your Response - FOLIOfn -

Our new preferred brokerage firm and asset custodian, FOLIOfn, offers many benefits over Pershing LLC. At Folio, there are no per transaction commissions or transaction fees. All online accounts are paperless; account trade confirmations, account statements, tax statements, voter proxies and prospectuses are delivered to and stored on your own online secure file cabinet at Folio. All brokerage related paper will stop flooding your mail box at home.

Call or Click the FolioClient logo below to let me know if you are interested in learning more about switching to Folio.

Steve Gerritz

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pay Zero Commissions and Gain the Benefit of Better Diversification

Click on the pie chart to the right to see an example of the better diversification attainable at FOLIOfn. Due to the fact that our clients pay no per transaction fees at Folio, we can enhance the return potential and safety of client accounts.

After viewing the diversification flow chart for GWM Golden Years (our example), return to this blog post and click on the Folio link below to indicate your interest in switching from Pershing to Folio.

Thank you inadvance for taking the time to respond. You will definitely be glad you did.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Junk Bonds vs S&P 500

Below is a performance comparison between JNK (junk bond fund ETF) and SPY (S&P 500 ETF) over the last 12 months. These charts show that junk bonds outperformed stocks by more than 60%. Moreover, they did so with almost 1/2 the volatility.

(Click on chart to enlarge it for easier viewing)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Video Spotlight - QE Made Easy

Quantitative Easy Made Easy

Click Here to View Video.

Low Volatility Bond Fund Chart

I locked in profits on most positions yesterday. I will reaccess the outlook as we get more clarity concerning recent market activity.

(Click on chart to enlarge it for easier viewing)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Market Comment 11 16 10

The market had another tough day.

The US dollar has been rising. Stocks and commodities are suffering due to their current strong inverse relationship to the dollar. See the chart below.

Every asset class, with the exception of the dollar, is falling. There is no place to hide. Concerns about China slowing down and European sovereign debt problems are appearently the source the problem.

Our low volatility bond/income funds have also been trending down. I did lock in profits in a couple of our positions on Tuesday. I will look to redeploy the money as the situation becomes a bit clearer.

Markets never go straight up. I anticipated a correction and it is now at hand. It will more than likely be contained and provide us with a buying opportunity shortly.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Video Spotlight

David Teppen and Jeremy Grantham, two billionaire investment advisors, share their insights on where the market is going, both short-term and longer-term. These are must see videos.

Click here to view the videos.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Midday Market Report 11 12 10

(Click on chart to enlarge it for easier viewing)

Addition of FOLIO Institution has garnered a Great Response

The response to our addition of FOLIOfn (brokerage firm) to our list of custodian firms has been terrific. Click the FOLIO icon below to see why clients are switching over now. In the first day of the offer, we already have 4 clients transferring accounts.

Let us know if you want to learn more about the advanatages of Folio Client

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Super New Custodial Account - FOLIO INSTITUTIONAL added to GWM Services Offered

GWM has added a new outstanding Asset Custodian. FOLIOfn offers unparalleled features and services for financial advisors and their clients. One of the biggest advantages is a very cost effective flat rate service fee as opposed to per transaction commission charges. This allows us take the cost of individual transactions out of the equation. As you are well aware commissions can and do add up. The flat rate is just 1/4 of one percent annually. The fee is deducted directly from your individual accounts, so there is no need to write a check or pay with a credit card. Without having to worry about the constraints of commission based transactions I can better diversify client accounts, enhancing both safety and opportunity.

Additionally, all account statements, confirms, tax reports, etc. are securely stored in your own FOLIOfn website electronic file cabinet. This effectively stops all that paper from being delivered to your mail box at home where you would have to sort and file it. Furthermore, with proper authorization, GWM can vote your proxies for you, relieving you of this burden as well.

Click the FolioClient icon below to see what their website looks like.

The minimum fee is $250, so FOLIOfn in not appropriate for accounts under $50,000.

Pershing's NetExchange Client

Click on the icon below:

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Market Comment 11 09 10

I have been patiently waiting for the market to pull back before investing in equities. The market has declined for two straight days. Today's decline was different in that all asset classes pulled back in unison, stocks, bonds, commodities. Due this fact, I believe we will see selling continue tomorrow. The market has been very overbought and due for break.

The market is still in an intermediate uptrend and countertrend pullbacks are normal. Until proven otherwise, I will view a pullback as a buying opportunity. If it proves to be more than a short and orderly decline I will have to reaccess the situation.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Bulls are Running

The Bulls are Running.

The buy the rumor, sell the news reaction to the election and QE2 never came true. As I write, the market is in rally mode. Tomorrow's employment numbers report could be the icing on the cake if they come out better than expected.

There are many positives at the moment for investors. I will be adding to equity positions.

Please, Please complete and submit your Model Portfolio selection and Risk Tolerance Questionnaire right away if you have not already done so. I need to know your limitations on your portfolio mix between equity and fixed income positions.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bernanke's Fed - $600 Billion QE2

Bernanke announced QE2 of $600 Billion or about 75 billion per month through June 2011. This is a little lower than the $800 billion to $1 trillion the market was expecting. Click link below to view Forbes article

Market Comment 11 03 10

In yesterday's election, the Republicans gained control of the House, but not the Senate. The market response seems to be muted so far. As I write, the stock market is up slightly. I think investors are now waiting for Ben Bernanke's announcement later this afternoon on the amount of QE he is planning. 500 billion is the expected amount. If it is less the market reaction will probably be negative.