Friday, June 24, 2011

Market Comment 06 24 2011

Another tough day in the market.

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Recent Sector Performance

Defensive sectors held up until the last couple days

Gold Smart-Stop hit

I liquidated 1/2 of our GLD position - may liquidate remainder if weakness persists

Consumer Staples and Healthcare liquidated as preemptive move based on unusual weakness

Added to Utilities  - Only S&P sector that is working

Flexible Income Folio performing well

The market is in turmoil and trying to navigate it is extremely difficult. The markets are very choppy, one day up big - the next day down big. Almost all sectors are trading as a block with little consideration to the fundimentals; we either have a "Risk On Day" or a "Risk Off Day".

Our Flexible Income folio's relative performance is helping offset some of the negative performance of our Equity foliios. Net - Net we are holding up very well.

I may begin to take some bond/fixed income positions in our Equity folios rather than have these folios merely sit in cash.

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