Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bad Economic News Fueling Market Volatility

It has really been a tough week for the market. The markets have suffered from a litany of bad economic news:

April Factory Orders were Down

The March Case/Shiller Housing was Down

The May Chicago PMI was Down

May Consumer Confidence was Down

May ADP Employment was Down

May Motor Vehicles Sales were Down

May ISM was Down

Weekly Unemployment was slightly improved but not as much as expected

In addition to downgrading Greece’s creditworthiness, Moody's is also threatening to put the U.S. on credit review if no debt reduction agreement is reached.

On Friday morning we may see some real volatility in the market if the highly anticipated non-farm payroll numbers disappoint in a big way.

After being stopped out on a large part of our positions we can safely watch from the sidelines as mere observers. We can get re-invested as the market begins to show signs of stability again.

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