Tuesday, September 10, 2013

GWM Core Equity Folio and Major Markets Folio New Positions

Below are the newly taken positions in two of the GWM Model Portfolio folios:

Having bought the dip is paying off.

GWM Core Equities Folio

The Major Markets Folio, for the first time in a while, now has exposure to selected international markets. Europe is finally emerging from their long time recession. The European market (VGK) has bottomed and is now in the beginning phase of a new bull market. The South Korean market, which is actually more tied to the US than Asia, is performing well (EWY). The Japanese market (DXJ), while volatile, looks promising as their economy seems to be turning the corner. Finally, the Nasdaq (QQQ) is outperforming all other US markets.

Major Markets Folio

I just added DXJ today.

As you should be aware the Flexible Income Folio has been retired and is no longer dragging down our performance. 

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