Saturday, March 9, 2013

GWM Core Equities Folio Y-T-D Performance Highlight

GWM Core Equities Folio Y-T-D Performance Highlight

Each GWM Model Portfolio is comprised of 6 individual sub-components that I refer to as folios. Today I am highlighting the year to date performance of the GWM Core Equities Folio

Here are the components of the GWM In-Betweener Model Portfolio

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Diversification by both, Asset Type & Strategy

The Core Equities folio currently has 3 high conviction positions; CELG, GOOG and LNKD.
Celgene - Google and Linkedin.

I sold Micheal Kors (KORS) last week as it was beginning to display some signs of weakness due their recent secondary share offering. It is still on my watch list. It is a very fast growing company in the apparel industry.

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