Monday, November 19, 2012

Possible Short-Term Bottom In on Friday 11/16/2012

On Friday the market may have put in a short term bottom.  After a 12% decline from the September 14th high in the NASDAQ Composite Index we are looking for a bounce.

After sinking in the morning the market rallied back to close near it's high on Friday. This is a positive. Additionally, our bottoming indicator, which we call a Bingo (grey colored vertical line), is telling us that the market may now bounce back for a few days. I will take some small equity positions for a short term hold. I will monitor them carefully as we are still in a downtrend.

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NASDAQ Composite Index

The grey colored vertical stripes are our bottoming indicator at work. We call this indicator a "Bingo".
The market may have put in a short term bottom.

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