Monday, July 9, 2012

Market Comment 07 06 2012

On Friday the market was down sharply. The market was over-bought and due for a pull-back. The current sell off is not alarming and has in fact relieved the over-bought condition of the market. The underlying tone actually remains positive, especially for the small cap stocks.

As I write on Monday morning, the market is down again, but not in a big way.

Market Snapshot
July 5th and July 6th

Market Direction Model

GWM Model Portfolio Holdings

Below is a back-test of the complete list of assets held in GWM model portfolios. Performance is based on an equal weight of all assets. So, this is just presented to give you a general idea of how our picks are performing.

The actual assets and weightings you may have are dependent upon your chosen GWM Model Portfolio. The back-test represents returns since the active market low set on June 4th, 2012 through Friday July 6th.

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If you would like to view the details on any of the investments listed above, click on [Portfolio Holdings Lookup by Symbol] under the [Clients] tab on the GWM web-site. As you well know these holdings are subject to change given the current nature of the market.

As a side note, I have over-weighted Apple in all model portfolios. Apple is still operating as a bellweather and is currently performing quite well.

Weekly Chart

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